Music and Video Enthusiast


I have been writing music for more that 20 years. Looking for challanges, don’t care about genres. It’s all about sound! Guitar, Bass, Keyboard, EDM, Metal, you name it. Music is my freedom place, don’t care about what other people are saying. I enjoy listening and creating music! Check some of my work here and here. I’ve been guitarist in Break Your Legs – check our EP on Spotify. Currently I play at Distrüster as live guitarist.


Proper equipment is important when it comes to any serious project. I’m a tech geek, passionate about anything that is music or video related. Guitars, Amps, Cabs, Amp Sims, DAW Plugins, Video Editing software – you name it.


I have been making videos for more than 10 years. Started with very limited resources, learning over time, I managed to get to the semi profesional league. Still learning about composition, light but each time with better results. Since 2019 I’m also doing comercial videos. Check speedy.pl for more info. Check my Youtube Channel for my music, tests, gear demos.


We live in beautiful times when anyone can do almost anything. That’s because of computers. I have been using computers since the last century to achieve my goals.