Break Your Legs

I was a guitarist in Brak Your Legs for mor than 8 years. In 2013 we released one and only EP “Jaka jest twoja cena”. It’s mix of metal and hardcore with lyrics about society and all the shit that surrounds us every day. Album was recorded, produced and mixed by me. Check Break Your Legs on Spotify!

Mostly Metal Music

On my Youtube channel I’m publishing most of my music and using it to test some amps, guitars, effects etc. Also I have music just for “music” like Coldest Caress (Opeth style), music I have created during COVID Lockdown Track 1 (80’s style) and Track 2 (Tool style) or Dua Lipa Don’t Start Now Metal Cover. Check also my Soundcloud and Bandcamp for some more stuff.

Humility of Context

On Bandcamp I gathered some of songs I created since late 2016 to 2019. All of them were used to demo some of a guitar amps or plugins on my YouTube channel. Different instruments, different tunings, different music but mostly it is metal.

Neoplan Project

Electronic project just for fun. I have released 3 albums: Neoplan Project in 2005: easy-listening long tracks, electronic music only, smooth, mostly chill and relaxing tracks; Extra-Space in 2009 where I used more sampling methods, some vocals, different ideas, rather sad and melancholic and finally electroport in 2010 where I focus mostly on electro house and dance music.